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MAGNOLIA Wall Decals

MAGNOLIA Wall Decals

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*due to the intricacy of this design, there may be very slight white edges or the centre of flowers*

Medium Wall Decals in a Removable Matte Vinyl

Full Package - 30 Decals
Half Package - 15 Decals
Sample Package - 3 Decals

(Very thin white edge, due to the nature and delicacy of this design. Best on a lighter wall)

Incredible product that will stay put as long as you like with effortless, damage-free removal. Perfect for renters or anyone who doesn't want to fuss with wallpaper!

Quick + easy application.

Not to be used on textured surfaces. 

Apply decals a minimum of 30 days after painting to allow paint to fully set. If applied earlier, it can cause decals to lift. 

Designed in Calgary, Canada. 

Free Shipping in Canada. Ships Worldwide.